Monday, May 14, 2012

Mommy Monday - Sesame Seeds as a Bone Builder + Chocolate Melts

Sesame Seed Bone Building Chocolate Melts by Mary Banducci 2
I shared this recipe on allergy-free wednesdays! So love that they put this together.

My one-year-old is absolutely, darn-right, most definitely a beautiful, strong, smart toddler. She is constantly on the go. I have to make sure she is fueled properly and that has proved difficult with her dietary challenges. Dairy bothers her; we are wary of anything containing gluten since my family is mostly gluten-intolerant. I try to provide a nourishing, well-balanced diet for her and I've come upon some tips that I think are absolutely helpful.

Today's tip centers around a little seed - Sesame.

Sesame Seeds as Bone Builders by Mary Banducci 2 Sesame is one of the most calcium-rich foods, teaspoon for teaspoon. It's also loaded with trace minerals  such as magnesium. Eating magnesium with calcium is important as it acts as a "'glue' that binds calcium to bone’s protein matrix, creating strong, dense bones. (Spry). Eating one ounce a day of sesame seeds can help provide 28% (based on a 2,000 calories diet) of the calcium needed daily (Nutrition When incorporated into the diet, these little wonders of joy can help provide a good base to building strong, healthy bones.

Big Blue Eyes really enjoys scrambled eggs in the morning. She will eat two whole eggs scrambled and then a small bowl of applesauce (of which I add chia seeds) or seaweed "toasts".

What you can add sesame seeds to:
Hummus (Roasted Red Pepper Hummus recipe)
Bean Dip (or any dip well blended)
On top of eggs or toast
Sprinkled on cereal with non dairy milk
Gomasio sprinkled on rice, cooked greens, and quiches
Mixed in baked goods instead of nuts
of of course, you can make these delicious chocolate melts!

These are a great little treat after lunch to boost calcium intake.

Sesame Seed Bone Building Chocolate Melts by Mary Banducci 5 Sesame Seed Bone Building Chocolate Melts by Mary Banducci Sesame Seed Bone Building Chocolate Melts by Mary Banducci 4 Sesame Chocolate Melts
1 cup sesame seeds
1/2 c cocoa powder or carob powder
4 T agave
4 T coconut oil
1 T nettle, powdered (optional)
Pinch of salt
1. Grind sesame seeds in food processor until creamy (at least five minutes - I added 1 T of the coconut oil at this point which seemed to help).
2. Throw in remaining ingredients and process until well-combined and smooth.
3. Lay wax paper inside an 8x8 inch pan and pour mix in. Refridgerate until set (at least an hour). Cut into 1 in. (or so) squares. Seesaw your knife through the chocolate (do not hacksaw or this will break).

I also includes raw sesame seeds in her hummus instead of buying tahini. Here is a recipe I made for red bell pepper hummus (delicious with these nutritious crackers).

Sesame Seed Bone Building Chocolate Melts by Mary Banducci 3


  1. I envy your determination...seems like it is easier to just give in to being tired and stop thinking about how to make meals pleasant and nutritious for our kids. But then again, we are parents, mothers for that matter and we have to make sure our kids get the right nourishment without sacrificing enjoyment and variety too. My little girl has soya allergies, poultry allergies and all other stuff related to Glucose 6phosphate dehydrogenase. Just the name irks me...Anyway, this choco treat looks like something my little girl would enjoy. Thanks!

    1. I'm not familiar with Glucose 6phosphate dehydrogenase allergies. Does that mean she can't have eggs or actual poultry meat?
      Allergies and food intolerances are such a struggle! For kids and for their parents. I'm hoping this blog will help parents create healthy meals without stressing.
      Thank you! I hope you and your little girl enjoys these!

  2. i cant believe i haven't found your blog sooner, these look amazing.... :O i have to try them, subscribed too :)

    1. Thank you Kristina!
      Your blog looks amazing as well!


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