Coconut Baby Butt Balm (great for exzema)
Herbal Bug Spray
Herbal Marshmallow Root Detangler
Meadowfoam Sunscreen

Basic Balm
Grapefruit Dry Scrub
Herbal Bug Spray
Meadowfoam Sunscreen
Rosewater DIY

Aloe Vera Cleanser fit for a Queen
Meadowfoam Sunscreen

Herbal Marshmallow Root Detangler

Herbal Infusions
Cinnamon Hibiscus Tea for the Holidays (or any time of the year)
Fennel Tea for Overindulgence
Immunity Strengthening Elderberry Smoothie
Marshmallow and Licorice Root Cough Syrup
Nourishing Calendula Infusion
Nourishing Nettle and Root Tea with Lemon (Great for Detox)
Rosewater DIY
Tonic Tea for Women
Three Herb Licorice

Rosewater DIY

I buy my herbs from          Mountain Rose Herbs. A herbs, health and harmony c

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  1. Greetings from Oregon. Thank you for your work and posting. As I am just breaking into homemade skin care, I have pleasantly found your sweet morsels. I am encouraged to try. May Father bless you bunches and more, Sonja


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