Sunday, June 12, 2016

Moms Meet Kabrita Review

A lactation consultant once told me this analogy if breastmilk protein is the size of a baseball then goats milk is the size of a basketball then cow milk protein (casein) is the size of an exer-flex ball. Which do you think is the easiest to digest?

The smallest, right? Then the next smallest: goat. With this knowledge, we discover introducing goats milk first (before cows) when weaning can actually be beneficial for sensitive tummies. In general, goats milk is easier to digest than cow milk. However, cow milk drinkers may find the taste strange. Good quality goat milk can be delicious and refreshing.

In an effort to wean my 18 month old son, we started introducing raw goats milk into his diet. Then when Moms Meet offered for bloggers to review Kabrita, I jumped at the chance! 

My daughter was easy to wean (and enjoyed eating) but my son enjoyed his "mommy mil". It was a soothing, quiet ritual for him where we got one-on-one time together. He wasn't interested in eating solids at first. I was scared he wasn't getting what he needed (of course, us moms never worry, right?). In an effort to include extra nutrients, we tried a few things but stuck with goat milk (and fruit+veggie nutrient dense smoothies). It was hard at first. Weaning is no small feat so if you're having difficulty I want you to know you are not alone! Now he can go a couple weeks without having goat milk and enjoys eating. But in the moment, it was a challenge. It put my mind at ease that the goats milk was giving him extra nutrients and he was digesting it well! 

One day a package of goat milk formula and yogurt pouches showed up at my door.

My son thoroughly enjoyed the yogurt pouches. They were very flavorful but in a real, delicious way - not artificial tasting at all which  means a lot to this momma. The sugar content was a little higher than I desire but I felt okay if I split the feeding. Of course, he wanted to eat the whole thing in the moment he was eating it. There was usually 3 grams of protein which I appreciated. 
The formula was also good. Fairly fresh taste for formula and not overtly goaty. However, I was disappointed that lactose (different than milk protein) from cows was added. In fact, it was the number one ingredient. When I researched on their website it said that lactose in goat, cow or breast milk is molecularly the same. This information was new to me. I wondered if it is possible to make formula without lactose then? Interesting thoughts to ponder.

We will definitely be buying more Kabrita yogurt pouches as treats and special snacks. Or they would be perfect for camping or road trips! 

If you're interested in feeding your children goat milk products, definitely check out Kabrita

I received these products from Moms Meet in exchange for an honest review.

All this being said, I did not feed any of this to my daughter. She has an intolerance to casein in cow milk. There website said anyone with cow milk protein allergy should avoid their products and although she hasn't been diagnosed with CMPA,I didn't want to expose her to any discomfort.

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