Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Marshmallow and Licorice Root Cough Syrup

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This is sugar-free, all natural, and soothing made with tonic herbs.

My little one caught a cold from church. Which at first angered me that someone probably brought their sick kid and left them in daycare. Springtime and a icky cold? GGGRRRRrr....

 And then I just took a deep breath. O WELL. It's bound to happen. And I have a lot of skills in my toolbelt to help us weather (ah, pun) this.

And then saturday night, she was up four times for several hours. All I could do was hold her, wipe her nose, and refill her water as we watched late night episode of Dora the Explorer or read Let's Dance, Little Pookie.

And all she wanted to do was kiss me. Sweet sweet baby girl.

Then I woke up with a runny nose sunday morning. What comes around goes around, literally.

I'd done immunity-boosting yoga poses, took oregano, and tons of Vitamin D before but sometimes you got let the snotty baby kiss you because mommas loves kisses.

So anyway, Big Blue Eyes and I have a cold. A gross, icky cold so I'd thought I'd post a real herbal recipe that will help you all at home cure a sore throat naturally.

This syrup contains marshmallow and licorice root decoction that is steeped with lemon balm and mint. A little lemon helps cut through the super sweetness of licorice root. Lemon balm and mint are very calming and restorative.

Marshmallow root contains a natural mucilage that helps coat a dry throat. It is also a wonderful replacement for slippery elm which is used in many cold products but is on its path to becoming endangered. Licorice root also aids in producing mucilage. It is a natural sweetener, hence the no sugar.

You can buy all these herbs from Mountain Rose Herbs.

You can add two tablespoons of honey if you like. Honey is also great for sore throats but I tend to avoid a lot of sugar when I'm sick and honey is quite a bit of sugar.

Marshmallow and Licorice Root Cough Syrup
3 c purified water
1 slice of lemon
2 T marshmallow root, dried
1 dozen dried licorice root slices (about a couple inches long)
1 T mint, dried and crushed (2 T fresh)
1 T lemon balm, dried and crushed

Boil water, add marshmallow and licorice root and simmer for 20-30 minutes.
Remove from heat. Add lemon, lemon balm and mint. Cover and steep 15 more minutes.
Drain and enjoy a cupful.
Refriderate and make fresh everyday.

For little ones, give them a tablespoonful.

I buy my herbs from:
Mountain Rose Herbs. A herbs, health and harmony c

This has been shared on Lifeologia.

(However licorice root can raise blood pressure. Avoid this. And with any herbs, consult your doctor before considering.)

And last but not least, I'm not a doctor. I'm not licensed to diagnose or prescribe. This is for educational purposes only. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Use information at your discretion, taking into account medical history. Always research!


  1. I've just found licorice root too, and have really fallen it love with it's sweetness. It's my after-work drink of choice. I have never worked with marshmallow before but love that you've made it into this healing tea. I love your site so far- and I look forward to poking around some more :) aloha from Oahu, andrea

  2. Wondering how long this will keep in a mason jar?


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