Thursday, June 30, 2016

Kalamata Olive Fig Tapenade Spread

It's thyme for some summer dips! And I'm not talking skinny-dipping! Summer is all about the dips, spreads, tapenades! When the heat rolls around, I skimp on turning on the oven and whip up something to dip!

Now when you say chips and dip, it might not sound like the healthiest item. However a nutritious dip paired with wholesome crackers and plenty of fresh veggies can equate to a delicious, light and healthy meal.

We like pizza hummus, creamy vegan spinach artichoke dip, roasted red pepper hummus, vegan tofu ranch spread, and even hibiscus ketchup (all recipes here on Sweet Roots). Today, we are going to explore a wonderful concoction bursting with flavor and great texture: Kalamata Olive Fig Tapenade Spread. (I say tapenade, my husband says spread so I went with both).

My daughter loves to go pick the herbs we need for dinner. There's a little thyme in this recipe but you're welcome to add more if a stronger flavor is desired!

Speaking of herb gardens... how is your garden, sweet reader? Did you plant anything particularly exciting? What's your favorite item to grow? I'm excited for my Echinacea. It took two summers to bloom but it's lovely and quite intriguing. The petals unfurl and then push the almost spiky orb-like center upwards. A gigantic, yellow butterfly visited the Echinacea this morning while I sat at the window, reading my bible study. In our character studies, the butterfly represents patience. Certainly, a character quality that is being refined in me. In my many earthly roles - wife, mother, sister, friend, blogger, photographer, etc. - I've found that everything is better if done on God's time and that requires patience. In the moment, it's hard to remember and easy to try to "fix things." However, Romans 8:28 reminds us "that in all things God works for the good of those who love him." When you're struggling for patience, remember God is King and He will work it all out in the end. When you're struggling for patience, have hope and trust that God will fulfill his promises. When you're struggling for patience, know that our help comes not from something man could conceive but the one that conceived man, the God that put the oceans into motion, that made our bodies out of dust. How great and glorious is HE!

It seems almost miniscule to go on talking about food but I wouldn't want you to leave this post without the recipe. And no matter how little, God can use it to glorify him too. Plus, it's delicious and a great spread on multigrain chips, BLTs, toast, crackers, carrots or any fresh veggies, grilled chicken and strangely radishes.

Kalamata Olive Fig Tapenade Spread
1 cup heaping Kalamata olives, drained
1 cup packed dried figs (used organic Calimyrna figs from Made in Nature)
Sprig of fresh lemon thyme, leaves removed from stalk (just use leaves)
3 TB olive oil
*optional 1/2 cup walnuts for additional protein

1. Blend everything in food processor (or high-speed blender on low) until desired consistency is reached. We like ours a little chunky!

And you might want to double this recipe! It goes quick!

Enjoy, sweet readers!

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