Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Vanilla Beans Sale on Amazon

Vanilla beans are on sale again on Amazon! With Free shipping!
Premium Madagascar Vanilla Beans - 7 beans JR Mushrooms brand $6.95
Premium Bourbon-Madagascar Vanilla Beans - 16 beans JR Mushrooms brand $11.45
Premium Madagascar Vanilla beans 1/4 lb by JR Mushrooms or approx 27 beans $15.75

I've ordered this brand many times and am amazed at the quality! Great buy on vanilla beans! And would make a lovely tuck-in gift for Mother's Day or Bridal Showers!

(Deal found via One Hundred Dollars a Month)

Also learn how to make your own non-alcoholic vanilla extract.
Other recipes on Sweet Roots that uses vanilla:


1 comment:

  1. My sweet Mary... your photos look lovely and that vanilla looks good (I can smell it) ;)
    psst.. I've missed your blog so much - things have been so busy but sometimes I crave seeing your photos just randomly when I'm doing whatever... ;)
    Hope all is well... xo Ella


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