Thursday, June 28, 2012

Make your own Non-alcoholic Coconut Extract (or Vanilla)

Glycerin and water is used in place of alcohol to extract the liquid. This can be used in recipes that need no baking for kid-friendly results!

You can buy food grade vegetable glycerin from azurestandard or amazon has several varieties:
NOW Foods Glycerine Vegetable, 16-Fluid Ounces and
Glycerin Vegetable Kosher USP - 1 Quart

I followed pastry pal's recommendations on how to open a coconut. She uses alcohol to extract her flavor, so if you were looking for an alcoholic version, follow her recipe. She also grates her coconut meat. After I peeled mine, I felt it was easier to dice. Decide which is easiest for you!

Brief summary of how to open a coconut (and relieve stress): Hammer Nail into Eyes of Coconut. Drain. Wrap in towel and hammer around the midsection of the coconut on cement (you'll have to hit this hard so don't try it on the counter). Hammer into several chunks. Carefully slice the meat off the husk with a knife, slicing away from you. Use a vegetable peeler to remove any more husk pieces from the meat. Dice or grate.

Non-alcoholic Coconut Extract
1 c glycerin
1/2 c warm water
1/2 diced fresh coconut meat *see above for preparing coconut(vanilla version below)

1. Add ingredients together. Shake vigorously for a couple days. Let sit for 1 month in a cool, dark place.
2. Drain and Use.

Non-alcoholic Vanilla Extract
1 c glycerin
1/2 c warm water
2 vanilla beans, sliced open

I hope you enjoy your coconut extract! Looking forward to making some delicious cookies with this. What do you plan to use it for?

Wondering what to do with leftover coconut meat? Make coconut milk!


  1. Continue to store in a dark, cool place when they are ready to consume? What is the shelf-life of these extracts?

    1. No need to store in a dark place if it is already being consumed! My coconut has lasted four months but I always use my vanilla up way before hand.

    2. I've read that glycerin based extracts are good for 1 to 3 years. Not as long as alcohol based extracts, but longer than vinegar based extracts

  2. Can the same method be used for orange extract using orange peel?
    Or mint extract using fresh mint leaves?
    Also, how much should one use to replace 1 tbsp in baking?


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