Saturday, July 28, 2012

Vegan Chocolate Macaroons and Spanish Rice from Dandelions on the Wall

And Love it Too  is hosting an Adopt A Gluten Free Blogger. When Christina posted this on her facebook, I knew I wanted to participate. I love submitting to all the blog linkies and this was another great way to become familar with other gluten and dairy-free bloggers. Thank you And Love it Too! I look forward to doing this again.

I decided to adopt Christine's blog Dandelions on the Wall, where she blogs gluten, dairy, and soy free recipes along with some really fun crafts. You can get to know her a little more here.

A few blog posts that I found really interesting (besides the two that I made) and am looking forward to trying:
Honey Sesame Crock Pot Chicken
$20 DIY Photography Backdrop Stand (made from PVC pipe)
Dutch Babies (my Mom and I have made different versions we call clafoutis but I'm looking forward to trying hers)
Chai Spiced Scones (Her and I both love Chai)

Now the two recipes I did try were Gluten Free, Raw, Vegan Chocolate Macaroons and Spanish Style Rice (which she conveniently cooks in the rice cooker - What a grand idea for those with rice cookers!)

These two recipes were easy and delicious.

For the Chocolate Macaroons, I followed her recipe almost exactly. The only thing was I had unsweetened shredded coconut so I added 6-8 drops liquid stevia (make your own) which worked great or you can add an extra tablespoon of agave as Christina recommends. The distinct taste of the maple syrup melded so nicely with the chocolate. The pulverized shredded coconut actually does have a similar texture to the macaroon. This is such an easy recipe and pretty versatile. I've used the basis of this recipe to create Vegan Marshmallow Macaroons (pictured here, recipe coming in August) before but never tried her original recipe and was SO glad I did. Delicious, Christina and definitely a winner!

By the way, I was taking a quick snapshot of these this morning and my husband wandered over admiring the chocolate treats which I offered and he LOVES them! At first, he said he just wanted one and then about five minutes later, he remarked how delicious and rich but not heavy they were. Of course, he admitted to wanting one more. Witty Husband is gluten and dairy loving so if he loves something then I know the recipe is a winner because everyone will eat it in my house.

The Spanish Style rice was also delicious. When I was making it, Amaressa was just laying down for a nap so instead of blending it, I just cooked it like it was - chunks and all. I also doubled the cumin. We eat rice and bean bowls at least twice a week so I always try to switch up my rice recipes. I've made spanish style rice before but love the simplicity of Christina's. Also, I don't have a rice cooker so cooked this as I would normally cook rice on my stove and it turned out just great.

Two great recipes!

Now go send some love over to Christina at Dandelions on the Wall!

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  1. I'm always looking for great spanish rice, so I am excited to learn of this recipe! I'll have to go check it out. I am also looking forward to exploring your blog, too!


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