Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Drink of Tea

Working late with some photos, drinking tea, and preparing for a long day tomorrow.

May you all have a blessed Sunday! And a wonderful week!

Mommy Monday will be back this Monday with two posts. Excited to share these with you!

... and then a little break as I will have major editing to finish on the four photoshoots this weekend, including two absolutely remarkable weddings.

What's your favorite late night snack? What do you rush for when you get the munchies?

I usually want a cup of tea and some chocolate. But lately? Dried mango and these spicy chips. :D


  1. I love green tea in the am and a nice non-caffeinated herbal tea in the evening - even in the summer I still enjoy a cup of hot tea ;)

    So excited about your wedding photos! ;)
    We just went to a wedding yesterday and I got really trigger happy and realized how much I love shooting weddings ;) But it may not realistically be happening right now - too much already on my plate. But oh how I do love those beautiful days.... you're lucky to have such a great job ;) xoxo

    1. I'm having a mint infusion right now!

      And thank you! I've really enjoyed doing this, but sometimes in the moment I can forget how blessed I am for being able to do what I love. Although I must confess I love dancing and it's SO hard not to go out on the dance floor and just get groovy. :D

  2. I like herbal tea. And the funny thing is that I usually have some feta cheese with them. Don't ask... :)


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