Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Grapefruit Dry Scrub

A New Year means a chance for a New You. It's the time for rebirth. It's time to revitalize yourself, a great time to detox. It is a great time to scrub out all those toxins.
Dryscrub 2 Usually Detox starts from the inside. Today we are going to start on the outside - the body's largest organ: Your Skin.
Everyday your skin triumphs over obstacles. It's a barrier to the harms of the outside world. It attempts to purify your body, shedding harmful waste products most of which we induce. However your pores can get blocked. Drybrushing (or dry scrubbing) can help aid your skin's detoxification. It helps to open pores and increase your circulation. It sheds dead skin layers. It can also help reduce cellulite and improve cell renewal.
What is dryscrubbing? Instead of using a wooden bristle brush, a dry salt scrub is used. A dry scrub includes clays, herbs, salts, and a few essential oils to aid your body's detox. All ingredients can be found at a local health food store or from Mountain Rose Herbs.
Complete a dry scrub before you hop in the shower or bath. Adding water will only aid your skin's elasticity and will not have the same effect. After scrubbing down, don't wash it off and just hop in the bath. This will help draw the toxins.
The herbs are known anti-inflammatories. Frankincense is an ancient healer. Though in a pinch, they can be omitted. Also, pregnant women should stay clear of Juniper Essential Oil.
Grapefruit and Juniper Berry EO Salt Scrub
1/4 c Salts (I chose a combo of epsom and Dead Sea salt)
2 tb French Green Clay
1 tsp Frankincense Powder
1 tsp Orris Root Powder
5 drops Grapefruit Essential Oil
3 drops Juniper Berry Essential Oil
1. Combine all dry ingredients and mix until combined.
2. Add Essential Oils while mixing thoroughly.

Grapefruit and Juniper Berry EO Salt ScrubDryscrub 3
How to Dry Scrub:
1. Always brush towards heart center. This means from toes upward, from fingers inward.
2. Start scrubbing at the soul of your feet and move upward.
3. Scrub your abdomen counter-clockwise circles.
4. Lightly scrub chest. Do NOT scrub nipples.
5. Hop in hot bath or shower.
6. End with a cold rinse to continue aiding circulation.

Now go take a load off!

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  1. Maybe I can invent an Israeli version with the ingredients available here. I'll keep you posted...


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