Monday, April 9, 2012

Mommy Monday: Coconut Baby Butt Balm

Welcome to the newest addition to Sweet Roots: Mommy Monday!
Mommy Monday by Mary Banducci at Sweet Roots Every other week, I will be providing a tip to herbifying your kids. (Herbifying is a sort of spoonerism - a common Maryism). Actually all tips won't be herbifying, they'll be natural, gentle DIY tips to making your life as a Mommy easier (and toxin free).

This week is a coconut baby butt balm. I've been hard-pressed to find a product that doesn't contain a lot of chemical preservatives and works. I've tried Shea Moisture's Diaper Ointment but it does nothing for the redness on a baby's bottom (but it does work great for dry skin). Burt's Bees sells a decent diaper ointment. But why buy an $8 tube when you can make yours for considerably less? This is super easy and smells great. Plus you know exactly what goes in it! Love and coconut oil (I really badly want to insert smiley face here but I won't stoop to it)!

This is a really thick balm but it goes on easy.

All these ingredients you probably already have (except for the frankincense) in your kitchen. Although optional, frankincense powder is a wonderful addition to this because it's anti-inflammatory. This is great to calm that red little bottom. It is also antifungal and antibiotic.
You can subsitute grapeseed oil or sweet almond oil for the apricot kernel oil. For any children under 6 months, do not use any essential oil save lavender and chamomile.

I buy my Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil through vitacost. They currently have a deal if you spend $25 worth of vitacost products, you get free shipping. One 54 oz tub of coconut oil is just over $20 so you could buy two and use a $10 discount they give you for signing up through this link. And you can refer your friends for more discount! I also get a discount every time you sign up and buy through that link which helps support this blog. So thank you!

By the way, do you like my new labels? Apothecary Mary. That's me!
coconut baby butt balm by Mary Banducci Coconut Baby Butt Balm
3 T coconut oil
1 T apricot kernel oil
1 t baking soda
1/2 t frankincense powder (optional)
10 drops Lavender Essential Oil (optional)
Ingredients for Coconut Baby Butt Balm by Mary Banducci at Sweet Roots
1. In double boiler (for this I used a small glass measuring cup that I held over a small boiling pot), melt coconut oil.
2. Pour into sterilized container.
3. Add remaining ingredients. Stir immediately.
4. Refridgerate until solid. Remove.
5. Swip a little on a clean baby bottom to prevent rashes, itchiness, and redness.

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  1. thanks for the recipe! I'm making it for a friend's baby today :)


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