Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Secret Garden Coloring Calendar 75% off - Great for homeschooling and quiet time

I was thrilled to see this coloring calendar on sale for $3.74 (75%)! Yes, it is a month late but late is better than never! I had forgotten to buy a calendar for our bonus room and thought this would be perfect for some Mommy - daughter time. Plus, it adds an opportunity to talk about months, weeks, and days. Because homeschooling can be fun!

We like to color with gel pens. They look pretty. And it seems the best while we have a one year old because he can't as easily eat them or draw on himself as he can with crayons and markers.
Looking forward to coloring each month and building our knowledge about time with Big Blue Eyes!
Question of the Day: Adult coloring has become a trend - for good reasons (art therapy anyone?). Are you joining the trend? And if so, what have you been coloring? 

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