Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tape Equals Easy Wilderness Fun for Curious Toddlers + Interview

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Yesterday we spent the better part of a good morning outside (before the day got too hot and we needed sunsreen), making wilderness bracelets. I used thick clear (packaging) tape around Big Blue Eye's wrists and then we walked through the neighborhood adhering herbs and flowers to our makeshift bracelets.

Big Blue Eyes really enjoyed this! So I thought I'd share it with all you other parents who have curious toddlers.

Shared this on Lifeologia.

Plus an interview...

In other news, Trina at Beginner Beans asked to interview me over at her blog! Go HERE to check out some pictures and get to know me a little better plus some advice on photography!


  1. Love this idea, and totally pinned it :) Thanks for your inspirational interview! LOVE the photos!

  2. So sweet!!!! Loving this idea and your photos of your little one ;)
    So cute ;)
    Thanks for sharing it on Summerizing ;) I smiled the biggest smile when I say that photo appear ;D



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