Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Link Love

It's been a while... but you can never have enough love! (With truth, that is).

And before I go on with links, some thoughts to think on:
Discpline your child to transform their heart, not conform. Sometimes we are so focused on conforming or appearing a certain way, we forget what's really going on (motivation)

It's ok to be vulnerable. God does tremendous things when we are vulnerable.

Our culture doesn't quite understand the benefits of pain. There is strength in suffering. 2 Tim 1:8

...Just some thoughts I took away from my bible study class this last week.

Anyways I've been indulging in these dishes the past couple days.

Look this next week for another fun summer drink recipe and cheese-less pesto! Also Mommy Monday will be back with something fun.

And if you missed the Interview over at Beginner Beans, click HERE to learn a little bit about the person behind Sweet Roots.

On to some LINK LOVE:

I recently found the Spunky Coconut Blog and tried my hand at making her Grain, Egg, Dairy and Sugar-free donuts. She made Boulder Cream Donuts but I just folded in stewed apples in her butternut squash batter and topped with my own homemade coconut maple butter for "apple fritters". Witty Husband loved them but said they were more like little cakes then donuts. The second time I made them I used steamed carrot puree and cinnamon. Worked like a charm!

Love the idea of making your own SPRINKLES! (From Chocolate Covered Katie) I never buy them but somehow it seems better to make them.

Also  wanting to make my own Enlightened Tahini Sauce at My New Roots. Beautiful images.

Sign up for the Easy Eats Magazine Subscription (there is a FREE option).

Question of the Day:
What are you planning this weekend?

Big Blue Eyes and I are going to Grandma's friday night and then Mommy and Daddy get a date night out with friends saturday. Hope you are all doing well!


  1. Beautiful deep thoughts... I need to reread that first paragraph a few times I think ;)
    Lovely yummies you're linking up ;)
    Problem is today I'm so beat from the week I have zero interest in making something today.... wish we could be neighbours ;) LOL
    Have a lovely weekend - for me 'rest' is literally scheduled in, than a kid's b-day party on sunday - Yay ;D

    1. It's so important to schedule rest! I agree.
      That would be awesome if we were neighbors! We'd have to have taste-testing parties all the time.


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