Friday, August 26, 2016

Watermelon Lavender Strawberry Smoothie

Want to do something new and interesting with all those herbs growing this summer? An herbal smoothie is a great way to use fresh herbs. It ought to be the eleventh reason to have an herb garden. And it's easy to change the smoothie based on what is readily available and fresh.

The herbal star of this show is Lavender. Lavender can help alleviate any sort of tension including headaches, muscle pain, and nervous tension. It can help lower elevated blood pressure and promote healthy circulation. It's soothing and a wonderful tonic herb. Perfect to add to your medicinal kitchen cabinet! Also easy to grow or purchase at Mountain Rose Herbs.

Lavender is one of my favorite herbs. She is indeed a queen of herbs. Poised with wisdom and gentle correction, she is robed in royal purple and healing perfume. Lavender is certainly a force to be reckoned with in the herb kingdom, potent yet balancing.

...or perhaps I read too much fantasy (currently reading A Natural History of Dragons).

Lavender has also made it's debut in other recipes here on Sweet Roots. Check out the Fig and Lavender Almond muffins (paleo friendly)! Baking with lavender mellows it's medicinal tang, making it sweeter. Or try this four-ingredient Lavender Fig Muesli (vegan and raw) for an easy recipe.

In the summer, I thrive off smoothies. Great nutrient-dense treat or snack for the kids! Or with some seed crackers and fresh veggies, it makes a light dinner. This recipe has been one of my favorites. The kids love the color too!

My motto this summer:

Watermelon Lavender Strawberry Smoothie
2 cups watermelon chunks
1 cup coconut water or non-dairy milk*
1 cup heaping frozen organic strawberries
1 TB chia seeds (keeps everything together or ground flax)
1 spoonful honey
Buds from 1 sprig lavender (you can add more if you prefer but this goes far)

*Using non-dairy milk will produce a creamier smoothie. We like both ways. The above and the very first picture in this blog post is using coconut water (hence the redder hue) and the remaining pictures are using almond milk, making it lighter in color.

Blend in vita-mix and enjoy!

Now, I noticed I post a lot of treat and smoothie recipes. Would you, my sweet reader, be interested in a savory recipe using lavender? And what do you like to use lavender for?

And if you're interested in other herbal smoothie recipes, try the following:

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