Saturday, August 9, 2014

30% off 3 Books on Amazon

I love me some book deals. And I just had to share through midnight (PST) tomorrow August 10th, purchase at least three Books on Amazon and use code BUY3GET30 for 30% off (up to $10). This does not work for ebooks. You can read all terms and conditions here.

UPDATE: This code seems to have changed to BUY3GET20 resulting in a 20% off. However some customers are having luck using the code then emailing amazon customer service with a link to the above terms and conditions that state 30% off and getting reimbursed.

Still one more month for summer reading! Or a great time to get some early textbooks. Never a better time to get some nice new cookbooks! There are some great finds out there nowadays like:


Or you could catch up on all the new bestsellers turned movies:

And while you're at it, also make some scented leather bookmarks, directions on the blog.

Happy Reading!

(Purchasing through above links may help support Sweet Roots and I do thank you for all the support.)


  1. Thank you for sharing this. Is it working for you? I have 3 books in my cart, all shipped and sold by Amazon and it says "We're sorry, we weren't able to save your gift card or promotional code information. Please enter it again or try using another form of payment." Erggh. I'll try again later.

    1. Hi Natalie,
      It worked yesterday but they seemed to have changed the code to BUY3GET20 resulting in 20% off. However customers have had success making their purchase with above code and emailing Amazon Customer Service with a link to the above terms and conditions for 30% off. I hope this helps!


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