Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Week of Love: Heat it up with Mango Chili Smoothies

Introducing Sweet Root's Week of Love! Sweet, sweet love!
7 Days of Valentines-inspired recipes (and one craft thrown in there) for you my Sweetlings! Recipes will include figs, chili (today), asparagus, chocolate (of course) and so much more! And we'll even have a recipe for the kids out there!

How does one heat it up with a cold drink? It's a trick raw foodists use - add spices!

And whats a wonderful warming spice that also happens to be an aphrodisiac? Chili with its ability to raise the heart rate and get the blood flowing.

This smoothie can be made with any sort of fruit - raspberries, peaches, and even bananas would be delicious. Frozen fruit can also be substituted for fresh. This would also make a tantalizing ice cream; used canned coconut milk and prepare according to your ice cream machine (I own this cuisinart one) or pour in popsicle molds for an easier alternative.

The smoothie really depends on the ripeness and flavor of the mango. If you end up with a very flat tasting mango, odds are your smoothie will taste flat as well.

Mango Chili Smoothie
1/4-1/2 tsp chili powder (or more for spicier)
1 1/2 Mango (can use frozen if you like)
Squeeze of Lime (or Lemon)
1 1/2 cups coconut milk (or milk of choice)

Add all ingredients to blender (with handful of ice - optional). Process til smooth.

This serves two.

Stay tuned for more sweet, sweet-loving recipes the rest of the week!

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