Thursday, December 10, 2015

Christmas Lights Decor Art Activity

After we attended our weekly swim lesson, we dressed in our warmest pajamas and hopped in our car for a Christmas Light display adventure. I had made popcorn (with just a little salt and dill) and we brought cups of So Delicious coconut milk eggnog and mint chocolate (mixed with mostly coconut milk because we didn't need the sugar that late).

We drove downtown, oohing and ahing over all the lights and colors. We then drove through a couple neighborhoods, trying to spy more. It became a little bit of a scavenger hunt at the end.

My five year old kept exclaiming, "I'm so excited. Wow! There's one! There's one!"

At the end of the night, her and I were laughing and exclaiming loudly, "WOW!" whenever we saw more lights then bursting into giggles. The bigger the display, the bigger the Wow!

All in all, it was a fun time. Relatively inexpensive (we made our own snacks and drinks) good, family-bonding time.

This morning, I woke up thinking "How can I carry this into our school/craft time?"

So, this is my answer. Black paper. Washi tape (she used this for the roads). Gel pens. Christmas stickers leftover from last year.

I left the activity pretty open. I told her she could create and decorate her own house or a neighborhood. She chose a neighborhood.

An easy Christmas craft!


Also through December 14th, I highlighted some books because Amazon is having a rare 25% off coupon. Details here.


  1. Super fun! I think I'll try this with my kids too! And how come you don't have a pin button? I'm on my husband's computer (he's got something against the Pin It app being on his browser) so I can't pin this! I'll have to hop on mine in a bit and do that...

    1. Thank you! I want to see your childrens' masterpieces.
      I used to manually add pin under each picture. I need to find a way to code that in the blog.


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