Monday, November 9, 2015

DIY Foaming Hand Soap (Easy and Money-saving)

Have you ever seen how much good quality hand soap costs? We have all bought it but have you really looked at the cost? A necessary evil, no?

I was determined not to buy hand soap again. I reused foaming hand soap bottles until finally, I fell upon these great bottles (thank you, InterDesign!). The trick is the bottle here. These special bottles ensure that you never have to buy hand soap again. They come in chrome, white, nickel, black and bronze (pictured below). 
This is like DIY foaming hand soap for dummies super savvy thrifters. The bottle has two lines on it. First to fill with soap and then to fill with distilled or filtered water. Essential oils (I prefer citrus, tea tree and clove) are a great addition and are naturally antibacterial.
All you need:
A Foaming Hand Soap Bottle (found here )
Dr. Bronners Castile Soap (citrus is nice for bathroom and kitchen)
Distilled or Filtered Water
Essential Oils (optional)

Fill the first line with castile soap. Fill to second line with water. Shake gently. And use!

The result is a great foaming hand soap without a lot of waste.


Move over triclosan! Make room for Essential Oils! According to Sophie Uliano in her book Gorgeously Green , triclosan, the chemical used in most antibacterial products, is carcinogenic and can weaken your immune system. It also can cause birth defects and fertility issues (p 21). Lavender, Tea Tree, and Lemongrass are all effective antibacterials. I buy Mountain Rose Herbs essential oils.
Mountain Rose Herbs


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  1. I have been re-using foaming soap dispensers for years now but we've been refilling them with generic dish soap! This recipe would be much more pleasant. I've been adding tea tree oil to my all purpose cleaner and I didn't think to add it to my handsoap!


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