Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Learning to Braid using Pipe Cleaners

Need something for your preschooler to do:
Bright? Colorful? Inside activity? Practice motor skills?
Check all of the above! And there is a wearable finished product!
Sounds good.
All you need are pipe cleaners, tape and a surface that is tape-able (that's a word, right?). Because mothers of preschoolers know that not all surfaces are "tape-able".
Twist the ends of three pipe cleaners (using different colors is helpful).
Tape it the table.
Now show how to pull apart three strands and starting with one side layer over the middle so it's now in the middle.
Then repeat with opposite side (great opportunity to talk about opposites).
Repeat and repeat until done.
When finished, twist ends and twist together to form bracelet if you choose.
Our lovely pipe cleaner braid bracelets...

Again, a lot easier to show then instruct.
And if you need a load of pipe cleaners, don't forget to check amazon!

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