Thursday, February 5, 2015

Week of Love: Naturally Sexy Spray - on Lotion Oil and Massage Oil

A gift so perfect for Galentine's Day, Leslie Knope would be rendered speechless. And Chris Traeger would be proud of our natural ingredients! Treat yo ' self!

This oil can be put in a regular glass bottle with cap or one with an atomizer like these from Mountain Rose Herbs. I like using the atomizer instead of a regular cap because I have more control over how much is used.

The essential oils were chosen for their aphrodisiac,  calming and restorative properties. Plus the scent makes you want to strip all your clothes and frolic through a field of flowers naked!
A well-balanced essential blend is made up of three parts: a top (head of the blend) note, a middle (heart of the blend) note and a base (soul of the blend) note. As you probably can guess, top notes are uplifting and "flighty" meaning they are the first scent to dissipate. Middle notes are the next scent, they balance the top note and soften the base note. This is followed by the base note which last the longest and are "grounding" oils. The essential oil blend below is a nice mix of different notes. Patchouli is grounding while sweet orange is uplifting. The lavender and ylang-ylang create the heart of the blend.
There are a lot of different brands of essential oils. My suggestion is to research and get to know the distributors. Personally I prefer Mountain Rose Herbs essential oils. If unavailable,  I then prefer Nature's Alchemy and Aura Cacia (available on amazon and Abes Market).
Mountain Rose Herbs
For carrier oils,  I usually prefer jojoba oil, grapeseed oil and meadowfoam seed oil. These are available on Mountain Rose Herbs.  However I recently became acquainted with liquid Coconut Oil (Fractionated) and I have enjoyed working with it. It is available on amazon.

The "Sexy Time" candle pictured was a Christmas gift from my husband that he purchased on Abe's Market. This Poppy Jane candle is made from GMO-free and phthalate-free waxes and is scented only with essential oils.
Below is the amount of drops per 2 oz of oil.

Naturally Sexy Lotion / Massage Oil
8 drops Lavender
8 drops ylang ylang
4 drops patchouli
8 drops sweet orange
About 2 oz liquid ( fractionated ) coconut oil *
1. Add essential oils to a clean dark glass bottle.
2. Fill with carrier oil.
3. Cap and roll between your palms.
4. Spritz all over and enjoy! Clothes optional
* Substitute jojoba or grapeseed oil if you prefer.

Enjoy and come back tomorrow for fun salad recipe! And then two breakfast options on Saturday!

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