Saturday, April 4, 2020

We are Just Dandy

Hi sweet readers! It's been a long time. If you didn't know, I had been blogging at a different site on and off. That is currently in the (re)works so I'll share when it's ready. However, something else is ready that I'd love to pass on to you:

Life has been tough lately. But we can do this! We will persevere and endure like our friend the dandelion. We are strong and hardy! 💪We can find our sunny spots amidst the darkness and not just grow but bloom! 🌞 Let's be Just Dandy and carry on! 
I drew one of my favorite "wild edibles" as a reminder during these hard times. Currently, this design is available on t-shirts printed by Atomic Threads!They are available for a limited time only through this link
Every purchase on Atomic Threads helps small businesses! If you buy my shirt, you will support both the printer and Apothecary Mary (moi). There are more small businesses on there so please check them all out and find a small business to support!

I look forward to future posts and hearing about how you are persevering in these hard times. Blessings to you all sweet readers! Have a lovely weekend. 

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